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Intelligent observability for an AI powered world

Data security - Analytics and Monitoring - AIOps  

Unlock invaluable business insights tailored to observability services and features.

How it Works

Meet AlertBird's observability platform

AlertBird's observability platform is a one-stop-shop that delivers valuable insights across all your business platforms.

Application logs


Audit & Access logs

Distributed tracing


Infrastructure monitoring


From data analysis to customizable dashboards - AlertBird has it all.

AlertBird provides you with a user-friendly platform that delivers valuable insights. Our platform includes powerful analytics, customizable dashboards, and broker functionality. In addition to these features, we plan to integrate with other popular tools and provide real-time notifications.


Put AlertBird to work.

Get valuable insights for your business.

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Set up AlertBird once, and you're good to go. No hassle or code required.

At the forefront of modern business strategies, CTOs are placing a higher emphasis on gaining control over business insights to fuel strategic decision-making processes. However, amidst the influx of information, diverse dashboards, and data sources, prioritizing actionable items becomes a daunting challenge. The urgency to address this issue arises from the widespread acknowledgment of this problem among CTOs across industries.

Untapped data potential

With AlertBird's budgeting system, you can rest assured your resources are spent wisely.

With a pressing need for clarity and cost optimization, organizations are seeking solutions to navigate these complexities effectively. Moreover, a significant amount of untapped data, often monitored manually or left unused, further underscores the urgency for enhanced visibility and actionable insights. Now, more than ever, it's crucial to harness the power of data to drive informed decision-making and unlock untapped potential.

Artificial Intelligence
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One solution

​In times of economic uncertainty, the demand for cost control is paramount. With the rise of AI and increasing software complexity, effective observability is essential. At AlertBird, we provide solutions to navigate economic volatility, harness AI insights, and manage software complexities with confidence.

Economic uncertainty leads to more need for cost control

Complexity of Software is outgrowing the progress in observability

Rise of AI

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